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Eliminate operational uncertainty through our RFP technology                                                           

To Research, Analyze, and Investigate Needs

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  • A claim owner/operator may submit a single, 3lb sample OR 10+ samples

  • To Determine:
    i. the maximum Observable Metal Content of the submitted material, and;
    ii. an unprecedented True Valuation for the material extrapolated from the subsequent data

System Without Offering Real Direction

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Claim Accelerator: A claim owner/operator must acquire a SWORD before expressing the need for a SHIELD.


DOUBLE: Determination Of Utterly Bulletproof Long-term Expectations

At least one 100kW system, may include 300kW systems

SINGLE: Single Instance Needs Long-term Expectations

One 100kW system, two maximum

Viability Threshold

Defined as the minimum necessary throughput required for a suitably economical minimum return, will be established based on the degree of increase in recovery efficiency due to our technology.

System for High Impact Expectation and Long-term Direction

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Margin Maximization

Parties may, owing to the Value Propositions established by the Claim Accelerator, seek to increase their margin of return through a larger-scale commitment of scientific collaboration in exchange for a pioneering, state-of-the-art production line.

SWORD and SHIELD, both similar yet distinct avenues of engagement with Plasnova, share two-fold implications for a Company that seeks to utilize our RFP technology:


Provides a capacity for a Absolute Baseline Valuation for exploration efforts, naturally reconciling the inherent and future prospect for a particular claim; in other words, our technology stands to effectively eliminate the historical operational uncertainty that permeates the industry at-large.


Increases the margin of recovery whilst:
i. Decreasing overhead costs by making some existing processing machinery redundant
ii. Accomplishing verifiable net-zero emissions
iii. Creating no slag or waste through a lossless process and collection system